Battery Analyzer BA910

Tests 2 batteries at the same time

Determines the battery capacity (Ah and Wh) in an automatic test cycle

Generates a PDF test report that is accepted by e-bike manufacturers

€ 795

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 This professional model is mostly used to test Pedelecs upto 500W motors under street conditions, due to its high peak power testing capability.
 Complete with: 1x USB cable, 1 x Mains cable, 2 Charger mains, 2x Universal Battery adapter cable and 1 Terminal Converter Set.


    This High power professional Battery tester is used to measure the capacity of battery packs for E-Bikes (electric bicycles), Pedelec’s and scooters.
  Automatically cycles through Charge-Discharge-Recharge
  Tests 2 batteries and chargers at the same time
  Simulates start and acceleration with twice the normal motor power
  Batteries from 12 – 72V
  Good for E-bikes upto 500W motors
  Continuous power: 500W
  Peak power: 900W
  Dimension 23 x 23 x 17.5 cm (W x D x H)

  How to Get Started:

  Download the software from our website and install it on your PC/laptop.
  Connect the device to the PC via a USB port. We recommend the use of a USB hub in order to protect your PC/laptop and the BA910 device.
  Connect a battery to the tester with the Terminal Convertor Set, a custom cable or manually
  Connect the DC charger output to the battery charge input
  Connect an AC charger to the tester
  Select the V/Ah of the battery to be tested: a list of batteries within that V/Ah range appears
  Select warranty or usability test
  Click on the START button. The rest is fully automatic: switching the charger on/off and printing the report

  Additional information:

  Weight: 6.5 kg
  Dimensions: 40 × 25 × 15 cm
  Tariff / HS Code: 90318080
  Warranty: 2 years on production and assembly.
  Mains Adapter: Europe (230V), UK (230V), USA / Canada (115V)
  EAN-EU: 7444755986913
  EAN-UK: 7444755986920
 EAN-US: 7444755986937

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